Our Vision

Sustainability Week’s vision is to facilitate awareness, activation and action in the application of sustainability to the University of Adelaide and the City of Adelaide. Working across all levels of the University, including bringing together all student clubs and societies, faculty, decision makers and public organisations, Sustainability Week seeks to activate university spaces such as Cloisters, Walter Young and Johnson Lawns for workshops, entertainment, educational panels and public forums to provide a vibrant, active environment to foster a culture of sustainable thinking.

These six themes are the backbone for our vision on how Sustainability Week can contribute to the student experience in sustainability.


  1. Career Options & Future Jobs

  2. Social Events and a Vibrant Campus

  3. Professional & Industry Contacts

  4. Skills Development

  5. First Year Student Engagement

  6. International Student Engagement


"The mission of the ASA is to make a valuable contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of the University of Adelaide, the Adelaide City Council and the South Australian Government. Through providing a range of opportunities for our members, the ASA is proud to be making an influence towards an exciting and sustainable future."

— Adelaide Sustainability Association (ASA) Mission